Xian can tulum?

Tulum has two great attractions, one is the ruins of Tulum and the other is Sian Ka'an, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, not yet well known, but when you visit Tulum. Map of Sian Kaan Tulum · Sian Kaan Tours · Visit the Sian Kaan Team · Gallery. In the language of the Mayan peoples who once inhabited this region, Sian Ka'an means “Origin of Heaven”. Located on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, this biosphere reserve contains tropical forests, mangroves and swamps, as well as a large marine section that intersects with a coral reef.

It provides a habitat for a remarkably rich flora and fauna comprising more than 300 species of birds, as well as a large number of the terrestrial vertebrates characteristic of the region, which coexist in the diverse environment formed by its complex hydrological system. These white roads were common among the ancient Mayans and can be found in places as diverse as Tikal and Coba. Sometimes they connected one city to another, or as in the case of Muyil, the roads ran from east to west and connected the central part of the city with the Muyil lagoon.