Why tulum is popular?

Tulum has quickly gone from being a quiet fishing village to a popular holiday destination. A large part of that popularity comes from the stunning natural beauty found along the coast, where the blue seas of the Caribbean gently bathe the incredible white sand beaches. Just over an hour south of Cancun, Tulum has grown in popularity. It has sun, sand, excellent restaurants, cocktail bars, Mayan ruins and cenotes for swimming and photography.

Take a look at the stunningly beautiful beaches of Tulum and you're already booking your plane ticket to Mexico. Do you need more than a lounger to attract attention? This coastal town on the Yucatan Peninsula has perfectly preserved Mayan ruins, encounters with exotic wild animals, jungle thrills, top-notch shops, wellness facilities and a gastronomic scene worth visiting alone. These are all the reasons why you should not miss a trip to this magical destination in the Riviera Maya. From jungle adventures to Mayan ruins, Tulum offers many impressive moments.

However, it is the beaches that remain the real draw here thanks to the sand as soft as flour, the palm trees that whisper softly and the bright cobalt blue water. Add barefoot seafood shacks, sunrise oceanfront yoga sessions and kaleidoscopic marine life for unforgettable snorkeling, and you'll realize you've just camped in paradise. The trees, caves and beaches of Tulum are full of all kinds of animals and birds, from the small but dangerous scorpions to the big and even more dangerous jaguars. Most commonly, you'll likely see spider monkeys swaying among trees, majestic iguanas perched on Mayan ruins, crocodiles on the shores of lakes, and colorful birds calling from the jungle canopy for a truly fascinating experience.

And while the region is known for its number of cenotes, of these caves and underground rivers, the closest and deepest known cenote in Tulum is the Cenote Dos Ojos. You can find them in the trendy and up-and-coming areas of Puerta Azul, Luum Zama and Aldea Zama, Casai's Getaways is located between Tulum Pueblo and the beach, offering a private and secure sanctuary for guests. Popular beaches include Playa Ruinas, located at the base of the ruins of Tulum, Playa Paraiso and Playa Akumal, or visiting the public beach of Las Palmas. With infinite beauty that unfolds right in front of your eyes, Tulum leaves your mind and body relaxed.

But, on the other hand, Tulum isn't overrun by tourists yet, and it still retains its central charm as a dusty beach town. From beachfront seafood shacks to high-end restaurants in the jungle, Tulum is an unexpected gastronomic treasure. It wasn't long before Bianca Jagger, Cindy Crawford,% 26 the Kardashians started strutting their wide stuff along the perfect beaches of Tulum. That means it's pretty easy to get to Tulum at an affordable price, but it's still a little far from the crowds of Tulum.

With most hotels and bars centered along the coast, Tulum is an ideal destination for renting a bike and exploring. I was in Tulum two years ago with friends during the high season in February; perhaps because the city is so scattered that it didn't seem too touristy to me, especially compared to nearby Playa del Carmen. To swim alongside them, head to Akumal, 26 km north of Tulum, where you can dive with these magnificent creatures for a closer look. It is one of the only opportunities in Tulum to witness a halocline phenomenon, where fresh water from the cenote collides with the sea creating blurred waves similar to oil.

The location of the 13th century Mayan archaeological ruins of Tulum on the beachfront makes the start of this day trip even more exciting. But, dear traveler, if you're like me and you're traveling to get to know the country you're visiting, an extended visit to Tulum is probably not for you. They come to Tulum and pretend that they are on a magical spiritual quest or that they are here to work remotely while enjoying Mexico. But if we look through the advertising hype of Tulum, we find unbeatable reasons why so many people are fleeing to this Caribbean coastal town above any other place in Mexico.

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