Which is better tulum or cancun?

The reason is that Tulum is divided into three parts. Tulum's relaxed but vibrant hippie culture really sets the tone for its nightlife. Compared to Cancun's party center, Tulum offers a more relaxed party atmosphere. There isn't much club life here, but instead you'll find upscale local bars and lively beach parties inspired by New York City and Los Angeles.

The beaches of Tulum are also white sand beaches. The water is lighter blue than in Cancun. The only exception is the beach at the ruins of Tulum, where the water is as blue as in Cancun. While Cancun is a little more frantic and frantic, Tulum is quite the opposite.

This destination is known for its relaxed atmosphere. When you decide to visit Tulum, your experience will be one of total relaxation. Cancun is a tourist city that is constantly full of youthful energy and vibrant dance music. It was built for mass tourism, as evidenced by the incredible number of hotel chains that are available to book in its Hotel Zone.

Tulum is still considered off the beaten track compared to Cancun. It's not overrun by tourists either, and its beaches and boutique hotels still have that mysterious charm. Cancun is our favorite destination, but Tulum is also worth a visit. If you are looking for comfort, good nightlife, a lot of activities and an affordable place, Cancun is your destination.

With the growing global interest in the rural coastal city and, therefore, following the influx of tourists, Tulum has transformed from a simplistic hippie and yogi place to a luxurious holiday destination in the eco-chic jungle to a place where more and more of the party is taking over. Guided tours of the reserve's wild wildlife offer front-row seats to visit the complex and beautiful ecosystem of Tulum. Tulum is much less developed than Cancun, you will find many unpaved roads and unfinished things and also construction. The main tourist destinations on the Yucatan Peninsula, which includes Cancun and Tulum, are considered to be the safest places in Mexico.

One of the most notable aspects related to nature that differentiates Tulum from Cancun are its cenotes (sinks). Tulum is one of Mexico's most popular areas for luxury vacations and has eschewed the tourist reputation that other local destinations have received. In Cancun, you won't find boutique hotels or a charming atmosphere, just huge hotels that usually lack personality, compared to the small individual property in Tulum. Although there are many things to do in both, it seems that Tulum is the winner of this round.

We have been to both beach towns many times over the years and we know the ins and outs of each of them and can help you decide if Tulum or Cancun is better for you. So, in a battle involving Tulum vs Cancun, Cancun wins the award for best nightlife thanks to its jungle inspired rooftop bars and lively and elegant party scene. Tulum is a paradise for digital nomads who desperately need a break from the hustle and bustle of Cancun. From stunning cenotes, stunning beaches, ancient ruins, water activities and exploring the city, Tulum is packed with incredible things to see and do.

Some of the places you should visit include Mamasan Treehouses & Cabins, Hotel Bardo and Aldea Xaan Ha Tulum. So if you are looking for a lively vacation that combines sunbathing with eating out and partying until late at night, Cancun will be the best option than Tulum. After that, it should be easy for you to decide if Tulum or Cancun is the best vacation destination for you.