What happened to tulum beach?

The beach doesn't have an adequate sewage system, and waste has been leaking into the water supply below Tulum and into the ocean, killing the coral reef. The old Tulum landfill, a few kilometers from the city, is full and last summer it burned in the heat for three straight months. A Mexican tourist was shot dead in the resort of Tulum, on the Caribbean coast, in a dramatic robbery at an American resort,. The coffee chain, prosecutors and police said Tuesday.

Apparently, the tourist refused to hand over an expensive watch he was wearing and the thieves shot him. The video of the murder posted on social media on Tuesday showed men wearing motorcycle helmets breaking into the cafeteria with weapons on Monday. Another man in the video, apparently the victim's bodyguard, pulled out a gun and opened fire on the thieves, who fled. The bodyguard chased the thieves into the street and kept shooting them through the store door.

Police in the coastal state of Quintana Roo said one of the robbers was injured and later arrested at a local hospital. State Attorney Oscar Montes de Oca said the bodyguard had been released because he had a permit to carry weapons and could have acted in self-defense. It was the last episode of continuing violence on Mexico's resort-filled Caribbean coast, the jewel in the crown of the country's tourism industry. Last week, four men in Cancun, north of Tulum, died in a dispute related to rivalries between drug gangs.

Drug gang leader Hector Flores Aceves, known by his nickname Pantera, or the Panther, was wanted in connection with the murders. The dead were found in the city's hotel zone, near the beach. The murders occurred when Cancun began the Holy Week vacation, one of the busiest times of the year. A tourist was shot in the leg in the nearby town of Puerto Morelos in March.

The reason is still being investigated. The State Department issued a travel alert last month warning travelers to be more careful, especially at nightfall, in Caribbean resorts in Mexico, such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, which have been plagued by violence from drug gangs in the past. Imagine a floating carpet of golden-brown algae that can cover the coasts of Tulum and other Caribbean destinations, leaving the most avid sun worshipers scratching their heads. I mentioned it in detail earlier, but it's worth noting again that using illegal drugs in Tulum will put you in direct line with both the cartels and the police.

Theft and extortion have become increasingly common in Tulum, and if you find yourself in this situation, it's best to hand over your wallet. Tulum is largely safe to travel, but has recently seen an increase in security incidents and high-profile riots. There are a few options for areas to stay in Tulum, but to be on the safe side, book a hotel in a popular area. As I mentioned earlier, drinking spikes aren't unheard of in Tulum, especially in clubs and other party spots.

Remember that Tulum's charm extends beyond its beaches, and a dash of sargassum shouldn't overshadow the magic that this Mexican paradise has to offer. Although scams and crimes exist around the world, lately the number of incidents has increased in Tulum. Quintana Roo is famous for the Riviera Maya, a stretch of popular beach vacation destinations that include Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum. Tulum's battle against Sargassum may have its challenges, but it's no reason to cancel your plans for a sun-drenched adventure.

Playa del Carmen is also generally safe, although it suffers from many of the same problems that affect Tulum. But the answer to the question “Is Tulum safe? , depends, at least in part, on what you plan to do in Tulum. Right in the city of Tulum and along the most popular parts of the beach hotel zone, you'll find the best areas to look for accommodation first. Let's face it, one of the main reasons you'll be traveling to the Riviera Maya is to enjoy a relaxing vacation on the beach in Tulum.

According to the OSAC (Foreign Security Advisory Council), Tulum is moderately safe to visit and travelers should exercise greater caution in the area. They come to Tulum and pretend that they are on a magical spiritual quest or that they are here to work remotely while enjoying Mexico. .