Tulum what to do when it rains?

Most spas in Tulum have indoor massage parlors, so you won't get wet. Many hotels in Tulum offer yoga classes. Ok, now you know what to do in Tulum in the rainy season to make the most of it. But actually, it would be better to avoid the rainy season, wouldn't it? Underworld Tulum offers recreational, technical and cave diving instruction, cave and cave guide in beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico.

We have modern apartments for rent in the hotel and can specialize in tailor-made diving holidays for groups and clubs. We spent a day diving with Dom from Best Cenote Dives, who has been living and guiding divers in cenotes around Tulum for the past 3 years, and spends his free time plotting new diving routes around unexplored cenotes. We had terrible weather in mid-June, a month that shouldn't be so bad in Tulum, and a friend of mine had nothing but sun and blue skies in August, which is usually the wettest month. If you're looking for the hipster beach, check out CNT's selection of the best restaurants in Tulum, but keep in mind that you'll be spending the same as in New York.

Tulum is divided into two parts, all very different from each other: its perfect location next to Tulum Playa beach, all the green buildings and pop-up restaurants run by famous American chefs, and Tulum Pueblo, where most people actually live, and where prices are much cheaper both in terms of food and of accommodation. On a sunny day, the ruins of Tulum are truly one of the most incredible places in Mexico, but even in the rainy season the clouds give it a dramatic touch. Reef & Cenotes in Tulum and Riviera Maya, Mexico Diving courses from TrysCuba to the SSI Training Center Instructor. It is very easy to get around Tulum, with only two main roads along which the city develops: the Chetumal-Cancun Highway that passes through Tulum Pueblo, along which you will find many restaurants, hotels, dive shops, cafes and the ADO bus terminal, and the Boca Paila Road, the main street of Beach area.

The Ruins of Tulum are located just north of the city, on the way to Playa del Carmen, so it is very easy to walk the road between the city center and the ruins themselves, just point out a bus that passes and get on. It can also happen that you get caught in Tulum during a tropical storm; if this is the case, what you can do is accept reality and flow. After having worked as a guide for G Adventures and having run a “home restaurant” in Buenos Aires for years, he began organizing gastronomic experiences in several places around the world, including Tulum. If you have bad weather in Tulum, don't worry, there are still fascinating activities that you would probably miss if it were sunny.