Should i bring pants to tulum?

Avoid wearing pants in Tulum unless they are lightweight and breathable (for both men and women). Mexico is a conservative Catholic country, especially when it comes to how many locals choose to dress. Don't be surprised if you see people wearing long pants or long-sleeved shirts, even when the sun comes out in full force. However, that doesn't mean tourists are expected to dress like this.

It's totally acceptable to wear shorts, tank tops, and beachwear when exploring Tulum. It would also be a good idea to bring a couple of more formal outfits if you plan to enjoy a nice dinner at an upscale resort or restaurant. If you want to be on the safe side, bring a pair of long pants and a light sweater or denim jacket. Plus, you can always go shopping in Tulum, there are lots of cute little stores in Tulum along the beach road and in town.

While Mexico is traditionally very warm all year round, and you wouldn't expect to need pants, it's a good idea to have a pair of pants, as you'll likely want to pack at least one pair. When visiting the Tulum ruins, also bring a sun hat, as the sun can be very strong and there is no shade anywhere. I've also included information about the weather in Tulum, the best type of luggage to take with you, other things you'll need if you're embarking on an adventure in Tulum, and more. Tulum can cool down at night in the winter months, and Mexico often has mosquitoes at night, so wearing pants can keep you protected.

Whether you're going on a boat tour, lounging on the beach, or swimming in freshwater cenotes, you'll be glad you were able to bring your important belongings, such as your keys, wallet, and phone, without having to worry about them being damaged by water. So if you're going to bring your phone, better store it in one of these great waterproof covers. I often wear a pair of pants on the plane, so I have a pair for traveling, which will keep me warm and comfortable both on the plane and at the airport, where it can be colder than in a sunny destination. It's best to carry e-books and leave room in the suitcase to store some souvenirs to take home.

Here you'll find basic tips on “what to wear in Tulum”, a complete list of things to take in Tulum, and additional items to take along depending on your activities and itinerary. At night, you might want to swap your shorts for a pair of lightweight pants and a comfortable pair of slip-on loafers for more formal resorts and restaurants. You don't need to take these items with you on your Tulum vacation, and they'll only take up valuable space in your suitcase. I like to wear a light black long dress because it goes with everything and I can style it in different ways.