Is tulum more beautiful than cancun?

Tulum is a true paradise for beach lovers and arguably home to even better beaches than Cancun. With its long stretch of white sand, soft as silk and fine, and its vibrant blue waters, you'll want to take a picture every time. With so many beaches, you won't run out of beaches to hang out with here. Which Tulum or Cancun is better depends on personal preferences.

Tulum is better for people who enjoy nature, casual bars, and a quieter environment. Cancun is a better option for travelers who want to party in clubs all night long and have easier access to some of Yucatán's most popular day trips. For those looking for a quieter, more relaxing getaway, Tulum is a charming city. While larger groups of travelers, families, and people eager to relax will probably find Cancun more to their liking.

Tulum is about 130 kilometers south of Cancun, and you can expect this trip to take close to two hours. Although the beach is a bit far from the city center, walking along the Tulum coast is a serene experience in and of itself, perfect for the traveler who is ready to relax and unwind. However, we believe that Tulum beats Cancun when it comes to which destination has the best beaches for sunbathing and swimming. When it comes to deciding whether to visit Cancun or Tulum, many people wonder which one is better.

But if you want to visit Chichén Itzá from Tulum, you'll have to consider the cost of transportation. If you're heading to Tulum and you're on a budget, the ADO bus company offers regular buses that travel along the coast and you can book online in advance. Both Cancun and Tulum have good mobile phone reception, although mobile phone reception in Tulum can be unpredictable the farther you get from the main beaches and the city. Playa Ruinas is, as the name suggests, backed by the ruins of Tulum, a fantastic historic Mayan ruin.

However, whether you prefer the beaches of Tulum or those of Cancun will depend a little on you and what you like to do during your beach time. Since Tulum and Cancun are popular and busy tourist destinations, there are plenty of lodging and dining options. The DOS classifies both Tulum and Cancun as Level 2 for security reasons, which means you should be more careful. Eco-conscious travelers will be happy to know that Tulum is considered an official sustainable tourist area with many activities to explore that reduce environmental impact.

Tulum also has a healthy holiday atmosphere, but it's a bit more elegant and luxurious, with many world famous DJs playing their tunes. While both Cancun and Tulum can offer great family vacations, the two destinations offer different experiences. You can't miss the spectacular entrance to the beach, through the open chest of a 10-meter-high wooden sculpture that represents a person, where you can practice some of the best kitesurfing, surfing and rowing sports in Tulum.