Is tulum an expensive trip?

The most inconvenient part of a trip to Tulum is that it's 1 or 2 hours from Cancun International Airport. As mentioned, on Tulum Beach you'll find the photos of Tulum to post on Instagram, but the city of Tulum is where the locals live and eat. On the contrary, other travelers consider that eating at the best dining spots and restaurants in Tulum is more important than seeing the Mayan ruins. Because it's booming as a tourist destination, Tulum attracts top-notch chefs and restaurateurs.

There are also cheap places to eat on Tulum Beach, such as Matcha Mama, where you can see the “I Love Tulum So Matcha” sign and cheap acai and smoothie bowls, and the I Scream Bar, which offers tacos and a vegan “delicious cream”. Tulum is no exception, as it is home to an emblematic Mayan fort perched on top of a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea, as well as archaeological sites and cenotes with crystal clear waters, but its heyday as a modern relaxation center has passed. In addition to booking your Airbnb in the center of Tulum and cycling instead of taking taxis, one of the last great ways to save money on your trip to Tulum is to eat in the city of Tulum. The mid-season, which runs from May to October, refers to the months between peak times, when you'll find all those incredible travel deals to Tulum.

If you are looking to relax, enjoy the scenery, rest on a beautiful Caribbean beach, swim in the cenotes and dive in the reefs, Tulum is your place. Not only is Tulum running out of the market, but they also have no way to properly dispose of human waste and untreated wastewater directly into the aquifer. However, staying off the beach doesn't mean you can't go to the beach to take photos of Tulum on your trip to Mexico. Tulum, which went from being a quiet fishing town to becoming an important international tourist center, has been strongly committed to gentrification and the construction of ultra-luxurious tourist complexes and tourist complexes to attract more guests over the past decade, so much so that it has lost its traditional Mayan essence in favor of rapid internationalization (as some argue).

Truthfully, the food here is better and more authentic than on the beach anyway, and the best street tacos are in the city of Tulum. Tulum is a fun place that everyone should visit at least once, if only to form an opinion about it. Tulum is part of the “Riviera Maya”, a large stretch of jungle and beautiful coastline that begins just after the Cancun airport and ends after Tulum.