Is it safe to stay in tulum?

According to OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council), Tulum is moderately safe to visit and travelers should exercise more caution in the area. Their notices include concerns such as cartel activity, Covid-19, contaminated water and natural disasters. There are a lot of robberies and robberies in Tulum. From small tourist scams, such as stealing things from the beach, to scooter robberies and thefts, here are some stories.

Tulum is generally a safe destination, but it has been shaken by rising rates of violent crime in recent years. Local authorities have struggled to keep up with the explosion of tourist interest in the area, with the resort's party destination status attracting gangs to the area in search of lucrative drug trafficking. There we have it: our best tips on how to stay safe in Tulum. There is no reason to fear this city; data shows that Tulum is no more dangerous than many tourist attractions and you probably won't have any problems on your trip.

Talking to local people, such as hotel managers or hostel staff, will give you the best idea of the safety of the part of Tulum you are staying in. I recommend the Facebook groups 'Tulum Girl Gang' and 'Tulum Mujeres' for girls, with lots of posts about safety. If you're staying at a hotel or an Airbnb, bring a reusable water bottle to refill, as most will have a water dispenser on site. Let's face it, whether you're traveling to Tulum or Paris, it's important that you take the necessary precautions to stay safe and make your trip as magical as possible.

While swimming at midnight after bars seems like a good idea, if you've been drinking, avoid the water and try to stay consistent to get home in one piece. This is where many Tulum locals live, staying downtown often costs half as much as staying on the beach. Of course, it's common knowledge that Mexico is plagued by brutal gang wars (which are surprisingly common around the world, from Japan to Italy), but Tulum is much safer than some of the other cities in the country, including Cancun. First of all, if you're concerned about your safety in Tulum, staying at a resort is one of the best ways to feel as comfortable as possible.

More disgusting than unsafe, sargassum algae have begun to be deposited on the beaches of Tulum, in very large quantities. In recent months, there has been a problem with tons of algae accumulating on the beach, not unsafe, just disgusting. There are a few things to keep in mind during your stay, but most of the time, you'll feel perfectly comfortable as a female traveler in Tulum. While staying in residential neighborhoods is OK, you'll have trouble finding taxis in those areas.

If you've decided to go out at night, it's okay (and safe) to go to some of Tulum's fantastic restaurants and bars.