Can you climb tulum ruins?

The first time I visited Tulum was more than 15 years ago, when the site was much less popular than it is today. It was so quiet that the archaeological ruins had not yet been cordoned off and tourists could climb and walk everywhere at will. Set aside at least an hour to visit the ruins, maybe 2 hours if you want to go swimming at the beach below. It's not that big compared to other Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico.

Climbing is not allowed in the ruins of Tulum. Because the ruins are very old and unstable, central structures such as Pyramid El Castillo and Temple of the Frescoes have been cordoned off. Visitors must stay on designated walking trails. No, you are not allowed to climb in the Ruins of Tulum Mexico.

Unfortunately, you can't climb the ruins of Tulum. The ruins have been out of reach for tourists and are moored to protect and preserve them. Some time ago, visitors were allowed to climb the structures of Tulum as much as they wanted. However, as these ruins continue to attract thousands of visitors every day, practically all of them have been cornered.

There are many bicycle rentals in Tulum: Kelly Bike (corner of the main intersection of the city), iBike (Ave. Whether you're looking for a picturesque vacation or the opportunity to immerse yourself in rich Mexican culture or Mayan history, Tulum is an epic tourist destination. Perched in a lush green jungle atop the limestone cliffs of the Caribbean, the ruins of Tulum are a spectacular must-visit spot when visiting Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. I recommend bringing enough pesos for the day, or stocking up in the city of Tulum before visiting the ruins.

Ek Balam is by far the least visited of the popular Mayan ruins of Yucatan, so you are the type of traveler who prefers to be able to immerse yourself in a place without driving away the crowds, so Ek Balam is definitely the best place to visit compared to the Mayan ruins of Tulum. Unlike a few years ago, when the ruins of Tulum were practically (relatively) empty, today you have to make your way through the crowds, especially around noon. Chichen Itza is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, so if you have to choose between visiting it or visiting the Mayan ruins of Tulum, most people would probably choose Chichen Itza. Take a bus: At 40 pesos (~ 2 USD) per person, buses from Playa del Carmen to the ruins of Tulum offer a cheaper option compared to the ADO bus.

The cost of your visit to Tulum will depend on how exactly you prefer to tour these ancient wills of the incredible Mayan civilization. This means buying a ticket that will take you to the ruins of Tulum, as well as a boat ride to see the ruins from the sea. When deciding where to stay in Tulum, you'll first have to find out if you want to stay next to a beach or in the city. It is entirely possible to visit the ruins of Tulum on the day you arrive in Mexico, provided you land before noon.

When you think of Tulum, at the top of your to-do list, will undoubtedly be the well-preserved Mayan ruins that sit atop the cliffs of Tulum, overlooking the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean. You will then go to the ticket counter to buy your tickets to the Tulum Ruins and go through some turnstiles. As with any international trip, it's important to have common sense when navigating the sights of Tulum.