Are tulum airbnbs safe?

The drastic increase of Airbnb in Tulum is creating an image dilemma for both tourists and the industry. Concerns have been expressed amid recent violence and other crimes that have taken place in the city. The Airbnbs in Tulum Aldea Zama are great. Safe area near the city center and the beach.

A safe rule of thumb for those on a budget not so strict are hotels in the low season and Airbnb in the high season. With an impressively long stretch of beach, you shouldn't face any challenges with social distancing if you decide to travel to Tulum right now. To keep you sane and safe, we have some tips for traveling alone to Tulum, just some tips to make your trip perfect. I would also stay in town for a couple of nights, because there is something about experiencing the local culture and going from bar to bar in Tulum.

Taxis are almost inevitable if you want to explore Tulum, so it's good that they are as practical, well-regulated and as safe as they are. They ask me all the time if I stayed in a hotel or if I booked through Airbnb and well, I've done both. As you can see from all of the above, Tulum is safe, but it is also like visiting any other foreign country. It's easy to travel here with the family, it's even worth staying in Tulum for a whole week so that you and the kids can make the most of the nearby beach and swimming pools.

Zika virus is present in Tulum, so it is important to protect against mosquitoes (especially if you are pregnant). While Cancun's main market is short-term tourists, Tulum began to attract remote workers from around the world who otherwise weren't sure where to set up their store while the rest of the world closed their doors. Travelers are not protected by Airbnb insurance, but there are provisions in place to ensure guest safety and satisfaction. Overall, Tulum is a really safe place for solo travelers, as long as you follow the safety tips above and use your common sense when it comes to safety.

Tulum is a total honeymoon destination and for that reason, many of the hotels mainly cater to couples or are “adults only”. You'll definitely need some experience driving in a developing country like Mexico if you're going to drive in Tulum; being a confident driver is probably a good thing too. Living in Tulum means a tropical climate all year round, high temperatures, beautiful beaches, an offshore reef to enjoy and sunshine.